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Member Spotlight: Tehya Wynne

Tehya Wynne is a Senior at Northwest HS. She is the 2nd born of 7 in her household. She is the daughter of Bears Alumni Toni Green and the granddaughter of Bears Legend, Lisa Green. Tehya is loving, kind, gentle, and firm when she needs to be. She is responsible, helpful and worthy of trust. Tehya has committed her life to God and is intent on living by faith. One way she shows that intent is her commitment to being a Volunteer Teacher for the 6-7 yr old class here at Club. Outside of school and work, she can be found driving around the city to serve her family. She loves her family very much. Tehya is a gifted student full of potential and any place she lands is better off for having had her there. Tehya was recently honored with a Susan Buffet Scholarship that she will use to further her education. She is an inspiration and role model for those following her foot steps. We see you, Tehya and are proud to call you a North Omaha Good News Bear.

Tehya receiving an award during 'Honors Night' at Northwest HS.

Tehya with her mentor and co-teacher, Taylor Armstrong.

Tehya in action.

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