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We just got back from Kids Across America Camps. Going to KAA is the greatest week of our summer at North Omaha Good News Bears. KAA provides a summer camp experience like no other. This is our Disney World, there is no place like it. This year we took 21 students to camp. Half of them made new commitments to God and others were reinforced in their faith. We went to camp expecting God to move in our hearts and lives. Three questions guided our meditations last week;

1) What do you expect of God?

2) What does God expect of you?

3) What is God speaking to your heart?

We believe faith without works is dead (James 2). So as we expect of God, we know that God also expects of us. So we act out of our belief. I hope these questions are fruitful for you as well. Here is a some photos of our time at KAA.